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Great morning on the mountain

Dawn in the mountains of Phuket

Sunrise seen from a mountain top in Phuket

Blue sky and having fun on the dirt bikes on the Phuket trails

Having a great time riding the off road motorcycle in the jungle of Thailand

This is a pretty hardcore enduro trail in Phuket's mountains

The mountain is yours!

Rocky off road section before heading into the Phuket jungle again

Terrain example videos 

In the short videos below you can see what kind of terrain you will meet on your guided off road tour. We will always be able to adjust the routes to fit the skill level of the group.

Rocky enduro hill climb in the deep Phuket jungle

Rocky enduro action in the heart of Phuket

In the middle of the jungle in Phuket

Pictures from our Enduro trips in Phuket

INFO about Breaks...

We will stop and take pictures many times when we come to beautiful places and have many small breaks on the way to make sure everybody are OK and well hydrated.

INFO about speed...

Lower limits: You don't need to worry about if you are too slow for the group. Just ride at a pace that you can manage safely. Our guides will always make stops to ensure everybody are there.

Upper limits: Often our guides will give it a blast when the trail allows it. YOU MAY NEVER try to ride faster than our guide and never ride any faster than your skills are suited for - that's how not to crash and to have a fun trip!

What will your Enduro day look like?

All 2-hours tours are scheduled 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM and the 4-hours tour is from6:30 AM to 10:30 AM. Tuesday to Sunday. Monday is closed.

The guided motorcycle off road adventure begins at our office in Chalong, Phuket with coffee and a short briefing, filling out our liability agreement, followed by gear up. Please aim to come about 15 min. before - it's good to have a chat and a cup of coffee with your new Enduro Team for the day before the action.

Fully equiped with safety gear and backpacks filled with water, we will ride into the jungle mountains on each our off road bikes. We will start in a slow pace. 

After a short while on the bikes we will do a stop to make sure everybody are feeling comfortable with their gear and bike settings. When everybody are ready we will get the wheels rolling again - this time in a more "fresh" pace. 

After about 20 minutes of riding we have reach our first mountain top! Time for a few pictures and some water.  

From then on we will ride at a on terrain that will fit your skill level and do stops to take pictures and drink water when we feel like it. We will have a blast and we aim to give you the best guided dirt bike trail ride in Phuket and South Thailand area. Then it's time to head south again towards our base. But this doesn't mean the action is over - on the way back we often up the pace a bit :)

After a tough and fun ride we arrive at our base, adrenaline pumping, sweaty and happy with a beautiful experience. 

The Enduro Tour

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Time for a little break by the lake

See more videos here.

Hope to see you soon for a true action adventure!

Lucky some special days to meet elephants grassing on our guided hard enduro in Phuket, Thailand...